July 6, 2016

Hugo Voting 2016: See Me, Feel Me, Draw Me

Hugo Award Designs

(This image is from Nippon, Japan, 2007.)

Yes, folks, I decided to do one more category tonight, because tomorrow I'm diving into a couple of categories that are...less than pleasant.

I had no idea who to nominate for Best Professional Artist, so I'll admit it--I waffled. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this category, as two of the artists are really good. In fact, I saved several images from one artist for desktop backgrounds (is this kosher? I don't know).

1) Michael Karcz

His art is quite detailed and very striking.

2) Larry Rostant

This guy has done a bunch of book covers, including Linda Nagata's The Red trilogy, Kate Elliott's Black Wolves, and Mary Robinette Kowal's Of Noble Family.

3) No Award

4) Lars Braad Andersen

If you've absolutely got to publish a series of books about war, I guess this is your go-to artist.

(Other nominees: Larry Elmore and Abigail Larson. The former does standard fantasy stuff, including lots of dragons and busty, big-butted women wielding swords while wearing highly protective leather and/or chainmail bikinis, a cliche that is so last century. The latter's work, unfortunately, simply isn't up to snuff.)

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