July 6, 2016

Hugo Voting 2016: Editors, Schmeditors

Hugo Award 2013 logo

(This pic is taken from LoneStarCon [in San Antonio, Texas] in 2013, which is why the base is so ugly.)

To continue with my finalized ballot, let's look at the Editor categories.

Best Professional Editor (Short Form)

I've recently begun subscribing to Clarkesworld magazine, and I'm very glad I did--Neil Clarke almost always picks very good stories. Sheila Williams, at the grand old stalwart Asimov's Science Fiction, also turned in some gems last year, including Eugene Fisher's "The New Mother," which is the cover story of the issue included in the Hugo packet and which made my ballot. These two went round and round in my head for quite a while, but in the end Neil Clarke won out. (His entry in the Hugo packet showed what an impressive run of stories Clarkesworld had last year.)

1) Neil Clarke

2) Sheila Williams

3) John Joseph Adams

4) Ellen Datlow

5) No Award

6) Jerry Pournelle

(Other nominees: #3 and #4 were decided by a mental coin flip, as they're so closely matched. John Joseph Adams' Lightspeed magazine won Best Semiprozine last year, and Ellen Datlow, in addition to her work for Tor.com, always turns out high-quality anthologies. The category as a whole is excellent this year, with the exception of Jerry Pournelle, whose There Will Be War Vol. X spawned [or shat, perhaps] several stories on Theodore Beale's Rabid Puppy slate.)

Best Professional Editor (Long Form)

This one's a tough category to judge, because those of us who aren't industry insiders usually have no idea which editor worked on whose books. I had to do a lot of searching to find the names I submitted on my ballot, which consisted of the people who edited the books I most liked last year. One of those people was Sheila Gilbert, who apparently wants to make it easy for me to vote for her--in the Hugo packet, she included sample chapters of the books she edited. Liz Gorinsky and Jim Minz included lists of books they worked on, while Toni Weisskopf, unfortunately, gave me no information to work with..so I guess she doesn't want my vote, or something.

1) Sheila Gilbert

2) Liz Gorinsky

3) Jim Minz

4) No Award

(Other nominees: Vox Day, aka Theodore Beale, racist narcissist shitbag, self-styled "Supreme Dark Lord," Rabid Puppy ringleader, and lousy editor, as I learned to my sorrow last year. His name shall never disgrace my ballot.)

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