March 13, 2022

Review: Blood Heir

Blood Heir Blood Heir by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a continuation of the Kate Daniels urban fantasy series, taking place eight years after the final book, Magic Triumphs. Kate is mentioned frequently but does not appear; instead, the protagonist is her adopted daughter Julie, who has returned to Atlanta to try and prevent Kate's death.

As always, the world is fascinating: this is a most unusual post-apocalyptic scenario, in which the apocalypse is the return of magic and gods, leading to the shock and slow destruction of technological society. Skyscrapers crumble and monsters abound, and ancient ways are returning. After eight years away, Julie has a new name--Aurelia Ryder--and is now Princess of Shinar and her adoptive grandmother's heir. But she will do anything to protect her adoptive mother Kate, and after hearing a prophecy wherein the reborn god Moloch (of Biblical baby-burning fame) threatens to murder Kate, she comes back to fight the future.

I always enjoyed the dynamic between Julie and Erra, and Julie and Roland, and I'm glad she gets a chance to shine here. Note: this book was self-published by the authors, and the response (and pre-orders, including mine) was so good the story has now been expanded into a trilogy. I'm very happy about this. There are so many more stories left to tell in this world, and I'm happy Julie's will be one of them.

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