March 21, 2019

Review: Ms. Marvel, Vol. 9: Teenage Wasteland

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 9: Teenage Wasteland Ms. Marvel, Vol. 9: Teenage Wasteland by G. Willow Wilson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This collection was a little disappointing for me, mainly because of the artist, who I didn't like at all. Her take on the characters just seemed too juvenile. Yes, I know they're teenagers, but there's drawing teenagers and then there's drawing kids, and too much of the time it seemed like the artist was going for the latter. The storyline was a bit more interesting, because in the first three issues Kamala wasn't even there and Wilson concentrated on the side characters, especially Zoe. This was welcome, and proved that these side characters (at least as a group--maybe not so much individually, with the possible exception of Mike) are capable of carrying a comic. The appearance of Kareem, also known as the Red Dagger, added some spice to the storyline--especially when Kamala reappeared and the Red Dagger gave her her first kiss.

(Of course, he then immediately states he has to go back to Karachi until she sorts herself out. The only reason for this seems to be to avoid a love triangle with Kamala and Bruno [who has returned from Wakanda], which I can actually get behind, as love triangles are so cliched.)

Very soon now, according to what I've read, the entire series is due to be rebooted with a new writer: Saladin Ahmed, who wrote the recent run of Black Bolt. I know successful comics reboot all the time, and it did seem like the recent Ms. Marvel storylines have been petering out a bit. So we'll see. I'm willing to give Ahmed a shot.

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