July 2, 2012

"One quarter flash and three parts foolish"

There's something to be said for one-hit wonders. Singers or bands that produce one or two well-known songs and quietly fade away. More than anything else, I think, they're a product of their time; a flash in the pan inextricably linked to an event, an emotion, or a person, that varies for each of us who remembers them.

Such a band is Quarterflash.

I remember them appearing on American Bandstand in the early 80's, and lead singer/saxophonist Rindy Ross describing how they got their name: from the old saying that is the title of this entry. I loved their name; it was clever, and since the only other "Q" artists I knew of were the incomparable Queen (and, later on, Queensryche), they were in pretty rarefied air. Not to mention that Rindy played a frakking instrument instead of standing there with cutesy blond 80's hair wielding a microphone.

(Of course, Joan Jett was soon to come along and smash that stereotype anyway.)

This song is interesting to me because of the guitar solo. It almost has a keyboardish-edge to it, as if the guitar was being channeled through one of those "guitar synthesizers" Judas Priest would use on Turbo. I know they got slammed for that, but I personally think "Turbo Lover" is an awesome song (and I will tap it for a Musical Monday one of these days). The interplay between the "Find Another Fool" guitar and saxophone was pretty good, and this song just flat out rocked.

I never hear it on the radio nowadays, and the band has faded into obscurity. Probably most of my readers won't know who the hell I'm talking about. Such is the fate of growing older. Just remember, kidlets, it happens to everybody.

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