July 4, 2012

Asshat of the Day

Ian Shapira, for writing this idiotic article for the Washington Post.

Shiver or swelter?

It is a question that hardly anyone who has endured both Snowmageddon and Derecho Damnation wants to confront, if only because the question itself triggers its own torment.

In these end times, when the power goes out for what feels like forever, which form of suffering is more painful: freezing temperatures or triple-digit heat? In Washington, where caveats and serious deliberation reign supreme, many veterans of prolonged outages can’t summon a clear-cut answer.

He then rambles on about the most desirable ways to die (throwing in a bit of chain-saw decapitation for shits and giggles), finally coming down on the side of freezing to death.

Oh, for frak's sake. Is this a waste of typeface or what?

Why don't you try this idea on for size, Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky. Maybe if our elected officials would pull their heads out of their asses and actually do something about climate change, we wouldn't have to worry about either one of these grisly ends.


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