September 29, 2011

The Small-Mindedness of Small Towns

Heh. I just posted a comment in my local paper about the fight over an arbitrary and unnecessary four-way stop sign. In that comment, I included the quote: "The law is an ass." I couldn't remember where it originally came from--it just sounded good.

My comment has finally been posted, and the quote has been changed to: "The law is (wrong)."

You know where the original first appeared? Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, written in 1838.

I just posted another comment, asking if the person who changed the original is really that small-minded. Unfortunately, I'm afraid so. (I wonder if that one will get published.)

And people wonder why the Republicans (my hometown is heavily red--Ann Coulter is even speaking here tonight) are running roughshod over civil rights and even common sense, if they can't bring themselves to utter such an insignificant line as that.

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