September 18, 2011

"I rant, therefore I am"

"The failures of the press have contributed immensely to the emergence of a talk-show nation, in which public discourse is reduced to ranting and raving and posturing." ~Carl Bernstein

This is a righteous rant from Pbomb at Pragmatic Obots Unite. I tried to post it to Twitter, but the "over capacity" page popped up. First time I've ever seen that.

Pragmatic Obots Unite!: Rants From Atop of My Soapbox: White Male Privileg...: This is a rehash of an older blog, it is apropos, considering the latest crap that Michael Moore said about the President on The View recen...

Yes, you're entitled to criticize the President. But there's a difference between respectful criticism and incessant, disrespectful whining. And frankly, the time for the latter is almost up, unless you want this country to turn into the Theocratic Tea Party Death Panel Nation.

It's time to get off your ass, kwitcherbitchin, and get to work.

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