April 1, 2007

The Chocolate War

This is a tempest in a teapot.

Gallery told to shut down chocolate Jesus display

Good Lord. Or "My Sweet Lord," perhaps. I can't imagine a true Christian getting so worked up over this. Non-believers (or even so-called "believers," as far as that goes) will do what they want to do, and frothing at the mouth over it only serves to draw even more attention. If the display had been allowed to proceed, there might have been a few chuckles over the eccentricity of the artist, and that would have been it.

Instead, we have this idiotic fuss, cries of censorship, and Bill Donahue's ridiculous accusation of a "war against Christianity." I would like to invent a time machine and dump him in Emperor Nero's lap--then he could explain to us what real "persecution" means.

As far as the anatomically correct aspect: everything I've read in the Bible tells me that Jesus was a fleshly human male. (I'm not going to argue the Trinity, but suffice to say I don't believe Christ was God/man--he was the Son of God, and a man, period.) As such, I believe he had a penis. Hell, he probably had erections and nocturnal emissions. It's very possible he could have been impaled in the nude--the Gospel accounts simply don't say, one way or the other.

Since that historical possibility exists, the Catholic League's objections are stupid, frivolous and irrelevant.

This is a prime example of what Jesus spoke of.

"Yes, woe upon you, Pharisees, and you other religious leaders--hypocrites! For you tithe down to the last mint leaf in your garden, but ignore the important things--justice and mercy and faith. Yes, you should tithe, but you shouldn't leave the more important things undone. Blind guides! You strain out a gnat and swallow a camel." (Matthew 23:25-26, The Living Bible)

Sounds like ol' J.C. knew what he was talking about, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Right before I clicked to your page in my daily reading list, I said to myself, "I do hope Christian Feminist takes on this chocolate Jesus issue." And there it was, succinct and right on. I think it suggests a lack of faith that one calling themselves a true Christian would be so rattled by a chocolate Jesus. If your faith is true and strong, then it would be unaffected by whatever the rest of the world may get up to.