January 4, 2024

Review: Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 207

Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 207 Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 207 by Neil Clarke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another stellar issue of Clarkesworld. Notable stories in this issue:

"Thireen Ways of Looking at a Cyborg," Samara Auman, written in the first-person POV of an intelligent crow and its murder mourning the person who rescued them from a lab. This is a beautiful, sad story about grief, loss, and moving on.

"In Memories We Drown," Kelsea Yu, a post-apocalyptic story about a team of researchers trapped in a habitat on the ocean bottom after an apparent surface apocalyptic event. This is another sad story of loss (which is a bit of a theme in this issue) but it's lovely.

"Kill That Groundhog," Fu Quiang, translated by Andy Dudak, is a hard-SF story by a Chinese writer dealing with a group of people trapped in a time loop and their efforts to break free. The ending is not at all what you would expect.

"Eight or Die," Thoraiya Dyer, is the second part of a serial that began in the last issue. You really need to have read Part 1 to make any sense of it, but it's an absorbing story of an alien species and culture and the human who is tasked with helping to hunt down a rogue alien.

If you like these stories, please consider subscribing. Go here. The magazine was hit hard by Amazon's recent boneheaded decison to discontinue direct Kindle subscriptions, and they could use the help.

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