April 7, 2023

Review: Final Heir

Final Heir Final Heir by Faith Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

According to the author, this is the final book in the Jane Yellowrock series. This is one of the few urban fantasy series remaining, as unfortunately that genre has died down a lot since its heyday. (My bookcases are full of urban fantasy books, so I know.) This of necessity makes the story a rather stuffed, fast-paced, plot- and action-heavy book.

Having said that, the author expertly weaves together all the characters and plot lines of the previous fourteen books, and winds the series up in a satisfying manner. The final Big Bad is defeated, Jane's people are safe and sound, and she gets to ride off into the sunset with her love without the crushing weight of responsibility for others' lives that has burdened her over the past few books.

The book ends thusly:

"Oh," I said. "In that case, let's get married before we leave NOLA. Some little roadside church. Just us and a preacher and some strangers to witness. That is if the proposal is still open?"

The look on Bruiser's face was...I had no words for that look. Except he loved me. Me. Not the Dark Queen. Just me. And that was enough, forever.

"Our first Christmas in our new home as man and wife." His expression said he was almost tasting the words on his tongue as he said them. "Yes. Yes, let's."

Is best mate, Beast thought. I/we are happy.

Yeah. I/we are happy.

If you like urban fantasy, you should also check out the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire (16 books and still going strong) and the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs (13 books, and one of the few series to still be coming out in mass market paperback). We probably won't have an urban fantasy boom again, but this series was one of the best.

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