August 7, 2021

Review: Victories Greater Than Death

Victories Greater Than Death Victories Greater Than Death by Charlie Jane Anders
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book's over-the-top nature is made clear from the cover onward: the title is a repeated phrase of the main character and one of the book's themes. I appreciate the author making clear what sort of book you're getting: a big, bold, brassy, young adult takeoff/satire of superhero/space opera movies. This is Guardians of the Galaxy minus Groot, Rocket Raccoon (though there is a fox character with a symbiotic fur controlling their murderous instincts that is a sort of stand-in) and the killer soundtrack, plus varying amounts of teenaged angst. Whether you like this book will depend on your tolerance of these elements. It fell very much in the middle for me. It's also suffering from "Muddled Middle" syndrome, which seems to be this author's habit, and the so-called "science" is not worth mentioning, engendering many rolled eyes from me. The ending tied things together well enough to make it an okay read, and it's certainly better than the last book I read from this author. But I think if I tackle the sequel (which is a pretty big "if" at this point) I'll get it from the library.

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