March 4, 2021

Review: Fangs

Fangs Fangs by Sarah Andersen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The first thing that struck me when I picked this up from the library is how heavy the book is. It's an old-fashioned binding that could double as a weapon to chuck at someone's head. Unfortunately, this weight does not extend to the story, subject matter or art.

This is a tale of a romance between a vampire and a werewolf that is cute and funny...and utterly forgettable. It's not really a story, just a series of black-and-white vignettes, exploring werewolf and vampire cliches and deconstructing them to some extent. But we certainly don't get any sense of the obstacles that should realistically be present in such a relationship, and how Elsie and Jimmy work to overcome them. Both of them seem to spring from the ether as far as their supernatural origins are concerned...Jimmy has no pack, and Elsie doesn't seem to have any sire, or a brood (or whatever the popular term is for a group of vampires).

Some of the vignettes did elicit a chuckle from me. For instance, this one:

sums up my feelings about that entire franchise. 

As such, in the end this book is equivalent to a piece of hard candy. I liked it while I was sucking on it, but as soon as it melted off my tongue, it also vanished from my mind. I got a few laughs from it, but that was about the extent.

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