October 24, 2020

Review: The Tindalos Asset

The Tindalos Asset The Tindalos Asset by CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is the third book in what the author calls the Tinfoil Dossier sequence. The first is Black Helicopters (which I haven't read) and the second is Agents of Dreamland, which I gave a 5-star rating. The latter was good enough that I approached this with high anticipation, and unfortunately it didn't measure up.

The structure is similar, with the non-linear narrative and some shared characters, but this book didn't flow as easily as the previous one did. That's possibly because the time jumps were broader in this story--in the previous one they were days, which didn't seem to affect the overall storyline much. These time shifts just felt abrupt and clunky. The narrative in this book also wasn't as coherent, and the it could have used a great deal more of Ellison Nicodemo than we actually received. Also, Chapter 5 is one....long....paragraph, which drove me nuts. That could have been chopped out and I wouldn't have missed it.

This book does boast the author's usual dense, layered writing, and it does start and end strong. It's the stuff in between that isn't so great. If you want to reread a book in this series, go for Agents of Dreamland. That won't disappoint.

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