April 2, 2020

Review: Paper Girls, Vol. 6

Paper Girls, Vol. 6 Paper Girls, Vol. 6 by Brian K. Vaughan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the final volume of the time-traveling Paper Girls, four tweens from 1988 who inadvertently get involved in a time war that stretches from tens of thousands of years in the past to thousands of years in the future.

It's been a pretty wild ride, but this volume wraps thing up pretty well, with a final poignant little coda that leaves the reader knowing there is a future for these four, as friends (or, in the case of Mac and KJ, girlfriends). As has been the case throughout, Mac is the most interesting character, and the narrative leaves her (and the rest of the Paper Girls) in a good place. They've forgotten everything that happened--all their adventures have been wiped from their memories by the future time travelers, which in some cases included their older selves--but the basic sense of connection is still there.

Visually, the art is quite good, especially in Issue #3 where we have four storylines running at once across the width of the page. This is one of the better series of recent years, and I for one am glad the creators knew when to wind it up.

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