July 27, 2019

Hugo Reading 2019: Best Professional Editor, Short Form

This category is for editors of magazines and anthologies. I personally wish the editors of more Kickstarted anthologies would make it into this category, as it seems to me some of the most interesting anthologies/collections of recent years have sprung into being through a Kickstarter campaign. (I know I've supported possibly more than my fair share of them.) But the requirement that there be "at least four anthologies, collections or magazine issues devoted to science fiction and/or fantasy, at least one of which must have been published in the year of eligibility," probably cuts that off.

Oh well. There's still plenty of worthy names to be found here. 

My ballot:

6) E. Catherine Tobler, for Shimmer Magazine

Shimmer just shut down last year, after 13 years. I never paid much attention to this magazine before now, which is likely my loss. Still, after reading the last issue (provided in the voter packet) I really couldn't find anything I thought to be outstanding. 

5) Gardner Dozois

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the late Gardner Dozois took the rocket, as he died last year and this is the last chance to honor him. To my mind, that would be more of a "lifetime achievement award," which is fine. 

4) Lynne M. Thomas/Michael Damian Thomas, for Uncanny Magazine

The last four nominees are very close in my mind, and it took some juggling to figure out my final placings. But you have to rank them somehow, right? Uncanny Magazine is one of the top SFF magazines in the field, but it's also won what feels like its fair share of awards the past few years. Let's spread the love around a little bit. 

3) Lee Harris, for Tor's novella line

Lee Harris has overseen some of the best novellas of the past few years (especially Murderbot), as part of Tor's excellent novella line. Again, this was tough, but the remaining two nominees, in my mind, just squeaked past. 

2) Neil Clarke, for Clarkesworld Magazine and various anthologies 

Neil Clarke has a famously good eye for translated fiction, but my placement here is mainly due to the Clarkesworld stories, particularly my vote for Best Novelette, Simone Heller's "When We Were Starless." I loved that story. 

1) Julia Rios, for Fireside Fiction

I've said before how much Fireside Fiction impresses me, and obviously Julia Rios and her team is the reason for that. The magazine has a fine, well-rounded balance of good fiction, nonfiction and editorials, and as a Patreon supporter I've also gotten emails advocating for various causes. It's just an outstanding magazine, and Julia deserves acknowledgement for guiding it. 

Next up: Best Fan Writer

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