November 25, 2018

Review: Contagion

Contagion Contagion by Erin Bowman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was okay, if more than a little derivative. It reads as a mashup of Alien and The Walking Dead, with a side dish of Nasty Uncaring Corporation thrown in. The reason I'm not rating it any higher is because the worldbuilding is fairly shallow, and so are the characters. If the pilot Nova and the intern Thea are supposed to be our protagonists, then the author really needs to get into their heads, and she did not do so. There were several other POVs, and all of them were unnecessary and threw off the flow of the story. The author did write some good action scenes, but in the end, even though this book ends on a cliffhanger, I don't care enough about the characters to pick up the next book.

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