February 10, 2018

Review: Black Bolt, Vol. 1: Hard Time

Black Bolt, Vol. 1: Hard Time Black Bolt, Vol. 1: Hard Time by Saladin Ahmed
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I know very little about Blackagar Boltagon and the Inhumans, and this volume was not intended to rectify that. Having been torn away from his everyday surroundings and cast into a galactic prison by his traitorous older brother Maximus (who has apparently been impersonating Black Bolt at home), the King of the Inhumans is utterly alone, trying to find his way out of said prison. The story here is what he discovers about himself in the process, leavened by the tragic story of his fellow prisoners, Crusher Creel in particular.

The lack of background and context to this story is the reason I didn't rate it higher, although Black Bolt did grow on me. Two of his fellow prisoners, Raava (who talks about herself in third person) and the multi-eyed girl Blinky, were interesting. The art, by Christian Ward, is not subtle at all--it's bright and explosive. And one of my faves, the dimension-hopping dog Lockjaw, makes an appearance. This volume was not top-tier, but it has enough pluses for me to keep checking the series out.

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