August 30, 2017

Review: Hunger Makes the Wolf

Hunger Makes the Wolf Hunger Makes the Wolf by Alex Wells
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Alex Wells is a new author to me, but is one whose work I will be seeking out in the future. This is a first novel and has a few hiccups, but overall is a solid piece of work.

In particular, I appreciated the development of the two main characters. Hob Ravani, interplanetary biker and mercenary, starts out as a depressed, disillusioned screwup, recently disciplined by her leader and reduced to the status of "pup" (really the bottom of the ladder in her biker gang, the Ghost Wolves). By dint of stubbornness, hard work, and her own "witchy" ability to control fire, in the end she not only comes out on top, she is the leader of said Wolves. The other protagonist, Magdala Kushtrim,begins the story as a shy, mousy young girl whose father tries to pay for her passage offplanet (which does not work out), and ends the book the schemer and manipulator behind the scenes with grand plans to take down TransRift, the interstellar company with its thumb on the mining planet of Tanegawa's World and the people who live there.

Along the way we have an interesting world, a mining planet contaminated by something alien, something that rearranges the DNA of certain people and gives them powers, called "witchiness." This particular story line is wrapped up, but there are enough questions to warrant a sequel. I don't think this book quite rises to the level of being award-worthy, but it's a good story and worth reading.

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