July 5, 2017

Hugo Voting: Best Fan/Professional Artist

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."  ~Pablo Picasso

"A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind."  ~Eugene Ionesco

The nominees for Best Fan Artist:

Ninni Aalto
Elizabeth Leggett
Vesa Lehtimaki
Spring Schoenhuth
Steve Stiles

My ballot:

6) Ninni Aalto

Eh, except for the angry green bulbous-headed Martian, their samples are just so-so. As is their website.

5) Likhain

Their samples are filled with lots of colors, bright and frenetic. Not really to my taste.

4)Steve Stiles

A little more cartoony than I like,  I think. The packet includes a link to his Tumblr, which shows a wry sense of humor to some of the drawings, but not enough to push him all the way to the top.

3) Spring Schoenhuth

Some gorgeous craft work, especially the Klingon bat'leth necklace.

2) Vesa Lehtimaki

Obviously a Star Wars fan. :) Reimagining the Mos Eisley cantina scene in Legos ("Odd Night Out")? Cool. The underwater photos on their Flickr set are pretty interesting.

1) Elizabeth Leggett

Wow. Nice. "Zoom" reminds me of one of the first fantasy books I can remember reading, Beverly Cleary's The Mouse and the Motorcycle. "Hotspur" looks like something out of Farscape.

The nominees for Best Professional Artist:

Galen Dara
Julie Dillon
Chris McGrath
Victo Ngai
John Picacio
Sana Takeda

My ballot:

6) Chris McGrath

Chris McGrath's faces are unique--you can instantly recognize that this is one of their covers. That said, those same faces are not really my thing.

5) John Picacio

Lots of reds and yellows in his work. Okay but didn't grab me.

4) Julie Dillon

She has several book and magazine cover credits, the best of which seem to be her covers for Clarkesworld.

3) Galen Dara

I've seen a lot of Galen's work already, as she keeps doing covers for Kickstarters I back. The Long List Anthology, vol. 2 cover was gorgeous.

2) Victo Ngai

Oooh. Victo Ngai's stuff is outstanding, a bit surreal and finely detailed. Colors are balanced and not overly in your face.

1) Sana Takeda

I loved loved loved the art for Monstress (which everyone should read, by the way. I can't wait for vol. 2). Her panels made the comic as much as the story.

Next up: Best Graphic Story

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