July 10, 2016

Hugo Voting 2016: Novellas

1994 Hugo Award Trophy | The Hugo Awards

(The 1994 trophy. One of the prettier ones.)

Yes, we're getting to the end, folks. This is the Novella category.

1) Binti

I didn't have this in the top spot at first, but upon a reread I realized I had to move it up. It's a Heinlein juvenile updated for the 21st century, with a Himba woman of Namib standing in for a white American guy. There's a fascinating alien race, and deep-seated cultural differences, and misunderstandings, and murder, and Binti's Himba culture bridging the gap and saving the day.

2) Penric's Demon

Different from the first novella as night from day, this is the story of an ordinary kid who gains a demon, and is thrust into a world he can scarcely imagine. Penric is a wonderful character.

3) Slow Bullets

This is...okay. Nothing special.

4) No Award

(Other nominees: "Perfect State," a Matrix rip-off about a "brain in a jar who has to procreate." Bah. Couldn't finish. Also couldn't finish "The Builders," a Magnificent Seven rip-off starring rats, mice and opossums.)

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