August 1, 2015

Note on Comments

This morning a comment in moderation awaited my approval. It turned out to be a long-winded, pathetic MRA screed in which the writer urged men not to marry, to fuck prostitutes, and work on creating artificial wombs and sex robots so they'll never have to have contact with a real flesh-and-blood woman again.

Well, whatever, dude. I can assure you I would never miss coming in contact with such a complete jackass as you either.

I cannot fathom why this idiot wasted his time with this mess. It's certainly never going to see the light of day, at least on this blog. If he bounces from place to place posting stupidities like these and then crows "censorship" when they understandably never appear, all I can say is: Tough shit. This is my virtual living room and I control who gets invited in. If the only reason you're commenting is to take a pixellated dump on my carpet, you can take your nastiness elsewhere, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

MRA's and various other stripes of misogynist are not welcome here. Period. You can certainly occupy yourself by writing spittle-flecked rants like the one above, but since all comments are moderated, it will take one click for me to retire them to the ether.

Please keep this in mind, kids. It does say "feminism" right in my header, after all.

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