December 20, 2014

Review: Ruins

Ruins by Dan Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the final book in the Partials sequence. It does just what it's supposed to: it wraps everything up, tucks in all the dangling plot threads, and leaves us with the sense that these characters' lives will go on, and they'll be reasonably good ones. This is the ending they deserved, the ending they fought long and hard to receive. A new world will rise from the ashes of the old; humans and Partials (genetically modified supersoldiers grown in vats) will learn to live together because they have to. Partials carry a virus in their pheromones that kills newborn human children, but Partials also have a built-in twenty-year expiration date that they believe humans can help them circumvent. The story of these two seemingly implacable enemies, the remnants of which are battling it out after a war that nearly exterminated both, has been told through three books.

The highlight for me was the second book, Fragments. The eerie description of the post-apocalyptic world, and protagonist Kira Walker's search for the cure for both expiration and RM (the Partial virus) is quite absorbing. This book isn't quite up to that level, but it's still a quality tale, and well worth your money.

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