September 6, 2014

"The discrimination against same-sex couples is irrational"

I've been reading and bookmarking the various court decisions invalidating gay marriage bans, and I must say that this decision, written by a Republican judge for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals (said judge appointed by Saint Ronnie, no less!) is far and away my favorite. Judge Richard Posner, in a wry, witty, occasionally laugh-out-loud opinion, absolutely eviscerates the states' arguments. If these arguments are the best Indiana and Wisconsin can do, they should wave their flags of surrender now; it's a terribly weak sauce (as Judge Posner so ably points out) and they should know it.

Do read the whole thing. The opinion is forty pages long, but you'll enjoy every bit of it. (This post's title, as a matter of fact, is only one of many juicy quotes.)

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