October 12, 2013

"Some men just want to watch the world burn"

This is just...I can't believe the ignorance and stupidity of this man.

Griffith suggested the House should reject an unfavorable agreement from the Senate, even if it resulted in a debt default that severely damaged the economy.

“We have to make a decision that’s right long-term for the United States, and what may be distasteful, unpleasant and not appropriate in the short run may be something that has to be done,” he said.

Griffith, a former majority leader of the Virginia House of Delegates, cited as an example the American Revolution.

“I will remind you that this group of renegades that decided that they wanted to break from the crown in 1776 did great damage to the economy of the colonies,” Griffith said. “They created the greatest nation and the best form of government, but they did damage to the economy in the short run.”

Yes, because destroying the United States' and the world's economy, hurting countless people, and damaging the U.S's reputation and good name is just like the American Revolution!

I think George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would spit in your face, sir.

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