April 7, 2013

Review: What's Wrong With Homosexuality?

What's Wrong With Homosexuality?
What's Wrong With Homosexuality? by John Corvino

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an interesting little book. It's not, as one might assume from the title, an anti-gay religious screed; rather, it's an intelligent, reasoned, head-on debate against those who would condemn homosexuality, gay people, and (to a lesser extent) same-sex marriage, written by a gay man who has been debating his opponents for twenty years.

The author expertly tackles the main objections to homosexuality: religious (which shouldn't even enter the equation, in my opinion; this country is governed by the Constitution, not the Bible or any other religious text), harm, natural law, scientific research, nature/nurture, slippery slope, and the culture wars. He logically eviscerates all these arguments, and does so without demeaning (or demonizing) his opponents in the least. (As a matter of fact, he's far more patient and forgiving of them than I would be.)

This book is short--only 170 pages including bibliography and index--but it packs a powerful punch. Any opponent of gay people and/or same sex marriage who can approach the subject with an open mind is well-advised to read it.

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