March 5, 2013

The Ozzmatron of Rock

I'm reading Ozzy Osbourne's autobiography right now. Only thirty-three pages in and I've already laughed out loud several times (apparently one British term for masturbation is "milking the maggot"). The ghostwriter captures Ozzy's wacky, addled voice perfectly. (Of course, one must keep in mind Ozzy's addlepation comes from his prodigious decades of drinking and drugging, which would have killed anyone else.) It's in diametric opposition to Keith Richards' autobiography, which was so plodding, long-winded, ponderous and pretentious that I eventually gave up on it. I toyed with buying that book for a while; I'm glad I didn't.

In honor of this, here's one of my favorite Ozzy Osbourne videos: "Shot In the Dark," which also features a very young Dweezil Zappa.

I know Ozzy's had quite the life. After the bad string of young adult books I've struggled through lately, I need something light and funny. This seems to fit the bill.

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