July 24, 2012

"Today is a Day of Reckoning"

(Yes, I'm one day late again. I was wrestling with the computer again last night.)

If you listen to country music, you know the songs are not about beer, blondes and big trucks, not anymore. I think some of the best songwriters in the world work in Nashville, and they're tackling numerous important topics--including domestic violence, as Gretchen Peters does in Martina McBride's "Independence Day." This is a harrowing "Burning Bed"-style tale of an abused wife who burns down the house--with her husband and herself inside--rather than take any more beatings. Martina McBride does a great job with the song. (Some background on the song and writer here.)

Apparently the video caused something of a stir when it was released. I couldn't find an embeddable "official" version on YouTube, so here's a link to CMT.

Here's a bonus treat--Martina singing "Independence Day" with one of her idols, Pat Benatar.

This is not an easy song to listen to, but it's certainly better than any Justin Bieber fluff. 

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