June 27, 2012

Asshat of the Day

With so many asshats to choose from today (including Darrell Issa and Antonin Scalia) it was difficult to narrow down the field. But one name finally floated to the top:

Rand Paul.

Fertilized eggs don't have much in common with flooded homes, but Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is holding up a flood insurance bill until the Senate votes to recognize the life begins at conception.

I suppose Senator Paul thinks that people will be so sad over being flooded out of their homes, they'll just start humping like rabbits to make themselves feel better, and he needs to step in and save all the infants clumps of cells that result.

Fortunately, Harry Reid threw a fit over this--as much as he ever throws a fit over anything. Unfortunately, Harry Reid is naturally so mild-mannered and soft-spoken that you don't think he's pissed even when he actually is.

Although he almost raises his voice in this clip.

One could wish Harry Reid would go full-court Bruce Banner and hulk out on the Senate floor, but Harry doesn't have it in him. However, Rand Paul does have it in him to be a total asshat, and thus he wins today's competition.

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