October 29, 2011

"The problem with political jokes is they get elected"

This is just great. I usually don't link to Huff Post, but this is worth it. A sharp reminder that in many cases today's comedians are doing what used to be called "journalism."

How to Speak Republican

Some samples:

Bible: A sacred text that provides incontestable answers when thumped.

Christmas: A holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, now rarely celebrated due to persecution by atheists.

Deficits: 1) Fiscal shortfalls incurred by Democrats that threaten to bankrupt the country. 2) Fiscal shortfalls incurred by Republicans that don't matter.

Extremist (Liberal): Espousing or adhering to political beliefs that are held by only a majority of Americans.

Fact: Information that has been verifiably posted to a RedState comment board.

Jesus: Charismatic religious leader and son of God; born in Bethlehem in the year 0; beliefs include love, charity, enhanced interrogation, privatized healthcare, elimination of the estate tax, and the right to carry concealed semiautomatic weapons.

Ronald Reagan: A fictional character based loosely on President Ronald Reagan.

I mean, really. How can sincere conservatives/Teapugs not read this and realize they're turning into a national joke? 

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