August 24, 2011

"Victory more than truth is the palm contended for"

Much indeed to be regretted, party disputes are now carried to such a length, and truth is so enveloped in mist and false representation, that it is extremely difficult to know through what channel to seek it. This difficulty to one, who is of no party, and whose sole wish is to pursue with undeviating steps a path which would lead this country to respectability, wealth, and happiness, is exceedingly to be lamented. But such, for wise purposes, it is presumed, is the turbulence of human passions in party disputes, when victory more than truth is the palm contended for.

Steve Benen points out that since the earthquake didn't, y'know, actually hurt anybody, nor did it cause a nuclear disaster, there was no reason for President Obama to don his superhero cape and spring into action.

So, there was an earthquake. The president was made aware of it. There was no serious damage, no casualties, nothing for emergency response teams to do, and nothing for Obama to do. He was kept apprised and went about his afternoon. I don’t know why this is supposed to be interesting.

It isn't, except to the ridiculous partisans who only want to throw stones at the Keenya Mooslim Not-One-of-Us Preznit.

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