May 15, 2011

Get Out Your Clothespins and Shut Up

This is an interesting article about how right-wing sock puppets infiltrate progressive websites.

This is why I get irritated at whiny firebaggers who do nothing but (1) complain about Obama and all the things he supposedly hasn't done; and (2) try to convince people to either stay home on Election Day or vote for some marginal party (like the Greens) who doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. Of course, now I'll look at people like these with even greater suspicion, knowing in all likelihood they're paid shills for the Repooks. (Jane Hamsher may not technically collect any money, but she might as well be.)

Nevertheless, folks, like it or not, at present we have a two-party system. Period. No amount of crying, whining, complaining, or fit-throwing will change that. If you want a parliamentary system where your stupid little party might actually mean something, move to effing Canada. In this country, it's either (marginally) good or (definitely) bad; gray or darkest black; Gandalf or Sauron. With all the dangerous authoritarians on the Republican side, it seems to me there's only one choice you can possibly make, no matter how much it may rub some of you the wrong way.

In other words, pinch your damn nose and vote Democratic.

You notice what happened last year when all of you whiny firebaggers cut off your noses to spite your faces and stayed home.

Florida: Anything Resembling Progress a Loser in 2011

Wisconson Governor Scott Walker, Tea Party Are Faces of GOP Overreach

Michigan's Shockingly Undemocratic 'Financial Martial Law' Bill

Wave of Anti-Abortion Bills Advance in the States

And, of course, we now have this little disagreement in Washington, which threatens to blow up the entire freaking world.

Debt Ceiling Vote Will Be 'Leverage Moment' for GOP

Republicans are big on 'personal responsibility.' I think anyone who looks at themselves as anything less than hard right--and this includes you, you fickle, wishy-washy independents--has a responsibility to put people in office who won't do active harm to this country. Obviously those people are not going to be Republicans.

I mean, what more proof do you need? Today's Republicans are not the party of Ronald Reagan, or Barry Goldwater for that matter. Hell, Reagan couldn't even get the nomination in today's political climate. These far-right lunatics want to run the country into the ground, and they're well on their way to doing it.

Therefore, I think it behooves everybody else to vote to stop them. Barack Obama is what we have. Pull on your grown-up underwear and deal with it.

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