April 20, 2011

Take the New Pledge for Austerity!

I saw this is one of Paul Krugman's comments today (and I can't find the post now; Krugman generates intelligent discourse like Andrew Breitbart spouts inanities--too many to keep up) .

The New Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance,
To the logo,
Of the United Corporations of America,
And to the greed,
For which it stands,
One nation,
Under Mammon,
So divisible,
With usury and debt for all.

"Poorhouses" would also fit in the last line, and scan a little better, I think.

(Incidentally, if you look up the history of English poorhouses, it's a scary thing. See here and here. What's most frightening is that I can see this country heading down that road, if Republicans get their way.)

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