November 10, 2008

Culture Change 101

This sort of training should be mandatory at every college (and high school, for that matter) in America.

Instead of teaching women not to walk alone at night or to carry Mace, some colleges are trying something much harder -- changing college men.

"The fact of the matter is that prevention comes down to, largely, males. Because males are primarily the ones perpetrating these crimes," said Lauren Pilnick, sexual violence education coordinator at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Amen, sistah.


Anonymous said...

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Tiffany Stevens said...

I'm glad they are having those programs. I don't think they have any sexual violence awareness programs at my college for men specifically. There was a program last night about the pressures put on men, which is important, and which was hosted by the Office for Prevention of Violence. But it's not the same.

Hannah said...

You have to wonder what would happen if people tried this approach from now on don't you?

It won't make it vanish, but it may make it a bit 'less acceptable'. People may not use the excuse, "WELL she was DRUNK anyway! She was just asking for it!"