April 20, 2008

The Whiners Come Out of the Woodwork

Jeez. I cannot believe this idjit wrote such an ignorant, asinine column. (My comment is the third one down, and rest assured I'm a lot politer there than I'm going to be here.) Clearly it's time to call the Entitlement Waaaambulance; this jackass actually believes White males are being discriminated against. This, of course, is double-blind-sexist-speak for Loss of Male Privilege.

Of course, this doesn't hold water when you have statistics such as these.

In 44 years, we have had a string (but knock on wood for this election) of White male Presidents.

In 44 years, Nancy Pelosi is the first and only woman to hold the title of Speaker of the House.

In 44 years, there have been only two female Supreme Court justices (hardly a representative sample, since there are 9 justices total). Now there is only one.

Congress is nowhere near proportional representation, especially in the Senate, which has 95% White and 86% Male members. The House of Representatives is hardly any better, with 84% Male and 84% White members.

There are only 10 Fortune 500 companies run by women, and 20 Fortune 1000 companies have female CEOs (a miniscule percentage by any standard).

There are only four African-Americans running Fortune 500 companies. (Quote from this article: "The indicia of power in corporate America is still white and male," said an author who has studied the stats.)

Tell you what, Steve: when Congress is 50% female, when we have a woman President (not necessarily Hillary Clinton, although I would love to see that), and when there are 250 female and 60 African-American Fortune 500 CEOs, then you can come whining to me.

Until then, shut the frak up.


J. K. Gayle said...

What's so brilliant about your polite comment and your post is you take that dominant sword of logic and show that it has two edges. It's the thing that would keep "White males" as "actually a minority, when you consider that over 50% of the populace are women and non-white males," except you use it to cut deeper the other way: white males keep the other minorities in their places with logic and law.

the bewilderness said...

I think that in this society white males grow up seeing 99.999% of powerful positions filled by white males, and as a result they feel that they are entitled to be in a position of power in this society. When they discover that they actually have to compete, not with other white males but with brown persons and woman persons, it comes as a bit of a shock to their sense of entitlement. Discovering that the myth of white male supremacy is indeed a myth must surely feel just like the discrimination the unentitled people suffer from. meh