October 29, 2007

Write Down Those Instructions!

From the "Believe It or Not" file:

Man Charged for Having Sex With a Bicycle

How, pray tell, would someone go about doing that? The article doesn't say if the bike was a man's or a woman's. It seems to me a woman would have a helluva easier time of it. Unless he inserted his weenie into the chain and started turning the pedals...

If anyone has any ideas, speak up.


the bewilderness said...

You know how the handle bars on a bicycle are hollow?

Unknown said...

Yeah, I guess they are. *snort snort*

But wouldn't they be...ah, a wee bit too small? I mean, the ones on my bicycle are maybe an inch in diameter.

Of course, if the shoe fits...

heh heh heh

Heart said...


I needed that. :)