August 6, 2007

The Last Word

One last fisking, and I promise I'll let the subject drop. Not because I've run out of inspiration, but because I have better things to do.

Smug. Very smug, and very elitist. I hope you enjoy living in constant fear, rather than realizing that almost all men are sensible enough to not come within a mile of feminist radicals, given their near constant banter of female superiority.

Live in fear? Me? Surely you jest. If I was afraid of such imbeciles, I wouldn't bother publishing their inanities. Poor pitiful little twerps, so desperate for so-called "entertainment."

There's another group that perhaps some of you qualify for, and that you'd probably enjoy being a part of; it's called the Ku Klux Klan, and they practice generic hate for no reason other than the unchangeable.

The unchangeableness of what? The fact that, according to the previous breathless prose, I possess a vagina, and I'm only good for tits and ass and fucking? If you don't disagree with that, and call people on it (and I don't see a word about the vileness spewed by your comrades-in-arms) you're just as bad as the other jackasses.

If you hate rapists, you hate rapists. If you hate men, that's ruling out a good majority of Humanity you're not going to ever try to commune with. What happens if you've a male professor in college? Are you going to presume everything he says is anti-feminist just because he is, himself, a 'he?'

I have plenty of males I listen to: teachers, bosses, people at church. What I don't listen to are idiots. An idiot can be a he, she or it; all they have to do is say stuff like this.

I imagine this argument won't be listed, given how feminists seem so repulsed by my kind as to blandly disregard all that does not conform and agree with their path. Another group that did that had a very famous leader, called Hitler. I hope none of you ever gain political power, nor come in contact with a firearm, lest another holocaust ensue.

Godwin's! Godwin's! You automatically lose!

Have you ever thought that maybe, if you wouldn't say the things you do (and wouldn't hide behind the cowardice of 'anonymous') people wouldn't be repulsed?

Don't try to put this back on me. I'm not the one who needs to change. You do. Not that I expect you to do it; chauvinist piglets happily oink-oink to the end.

Now. For the moment at least, this is the final word on this discussion. All other comments (except from friends) will be rejected.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I didn't actually like you till you played Godwin's law on him!

Well done.

Arantxa said...

I have noticed that commenters such as the one you quote are very keen to tell women (feminists in particular) how they must be feeling. This, I think, is indicative of their own fear of irrelevance.