August 5, 2007

Hands-Down Disgusting

This is the sort of e-mail many feminist bloggers get.

A. Friend | | IP:

Heart, this is horrible. I’m sorry that this is happening to you. These people want nothing to do but to hurt you and your cause. I feel for you.

In fact, I want to feel you now. I’d like to tie you down, take a knife, and slit your throat. I’d penetrate you over and over in all orifices, and create some of my own to stick myself in.

— Aug 4, 1:57 AM —

I haven't run into this yet, but if I do it will be promptly published. I won't buckle under to this kind of terrorist tactic. This is an attempt to intimidate and silence, using the tactics of misogynist males from time immemorial--rape and murder. I will not stand still for it.

And people dare to say we are in a "post-feminist" world.

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