July 22, 2007

It's WTF Time, Kidlets!!

I guess I should know better than to take potshots like this, but the target is so big, stupid, crude and easy that I couldn't resist.

(The only good thing about the site is that it hasn't been updated--as far as I could tell--since 2000. Maybe the chauvinist piglet's long-suffering wife finally had enough of him and upended a shotgun in his face.)

The axioms of life subscribed to at the Chauvinist Corner

1. A man must never hit a woman.

Until she gets sufficiently uppity.

2. A man must not stand by and allow a woman to be attacked by another man.

Unless she puts on a short skirt and turns into a slut. Then it's a free-for-all.

3. A marriage is for life.

No matter how miserable that woman's life becomes.

4. A man should provide the entire support for his family.

Even if he becomes disabled, gets cancer or dies.

5. A man must pledge his life to protect his family from physical, emotional and financial harm.

One wonders which would actually be more harmful--the "threat" or the "protection."

6. A wife must be home and supervising minor children anytime that the children are not in school.

Because, God knows, anyone with a penis is incapable of doing it.

7. Sex must occur only inside of a marriage.

And if she says no he'll just take it anyway.

8. A man must benevolently rule his own house.

A benevolent dictator is still a dictator.

9. A man must instill respect into his children for their mother and provide disciplinary support for her motherly leadership.

Because those vaunted "motherly leadership" qualities just work for the kids--they can't be applied to the real world, y'know.

10. A lady must be treated with respect by a man.

True respect involves supporting her in whatever she wants to do.

11. A woman is out of place in business, and if she is there, a woman should not be placed in authority over a man.

No matter how stupid and backward the man is, as seen by this idiotic diatribe.

Truly, this is the kind of jackass I fervently hope will grow old alone.

(Via Kichike.)

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