May 20, 2007

Which Is Which?

(Gakked from The View From Her)

This wasn't originally a meme, but I've kind of made it into one.

Two Kinds of People

Dog or cat people. (Cats, most definitely. Even better than kids.)
Coke or Pepsi people. (No third choice? Bwaa-hah--DR PEPPER!!)
Morning or night people. (Morning, when I have to go to work; night when I don't.)
Coffee or tea people. (T-t-tea, if you please! Including such oddball varieties as Lady Grey, Darjeeling and Prince of Wales.)
PC or Mac people. (I've never messed with a Mac; the idea of learning a new operating system at my advanced age gives me the heebie-jeebies.)
David Letterman or Jay Leno watchers. (Staying up that late is a thing of the long gone past.)
Jerry Seinfeld people or, well...everyone else. (I must admit I never, ever watched a single episode of 'Seinfeld.' The only way I knew what "yada-yada-yada" meant was by other people joking about it. Does that make me a Geico Neanderthal, now?)
Bath or shower people. (Shower! For the life of me, I cannot see the sense of soaking in dirty water.)
Heels or "sensible" shoe people. (Heel-less shoes [or perhaps shoeless heels]. I threw out heels more than ten years ago, along with makeup.)
Pie or cake people. (Another "but neither." I'd rather have my favorite brand of Wal-Mart trail mix [Paradise or Tropical] along with Hershey's Chocolate Truffles.)
Beach people or mountain people. (More mountains. Not knowing how to swim gets you bored with beaches quickly, and my bleached white so-far-no-skin-cancer body greatly appreciates it.)
Beer or wine people. (Nah. Blech to both. At the very most I would have a Pina Colada.)
Sleep with the window open, or window-closed people. (Depends upon the time of year. If it's below way window open.)
Sail boat or power boat people. (Ugh. I'm not fond of boats...all I have are flashbacks from Titanic or The Poseiden Adventure.)
Toilet paper roll "over" or "under" installers. (Over, of course. Under is redundant, and leads to unnecessary work.)
Foreign- or American-made car people. (A car is a car is a car. Of course, if I could afford a Lamborghini, that sentiment might change.)
Cooks or microwavers. (Hah. If it wasn't for the microwave, I'd starve to death.)
Sweet-tooth people or salt cravers. (Alternating, usually. With a good trail mix, you get both.)
In-a-glass or out-of-the-can people. (Glass. With ice. This seems right and proper, even for Diet Dr Pepper.)
Breakfast-eaters or breakfast-skippers. (Breakfast eater. I've read too many articles in Prevention to think otherwise.)
Black ink or blue ink people. (Fine black ink. You get me the right pen, I might think I'm a proper Englishwoman.)
Glasses or contact lens people. (So far, neither, but one never knows how long that Lasik will last.)

Take, tag and pass along as desired.

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