2020 Recommended SFF List

Yes, I know I'm still working on 2019, but hell, we might as well start this year's list.

Best Short Story

"The Best Horses Are Found In the Sea, and Other Horse Tales To Emerge Since the Rise," Beth Cato, Daily Science Fiction 2/14/20. (Beth Cato writes the loveliest, most lyrical flash stories, and this is another one.)

"Cruel Sisters," Marie Brennan, Daily Science Fiction 3/10/20. (A creepy, atmospheric fairy tale retelling.)

Best Novel

Light of Impossible Stars, Gareth L. Powell (5 of 5 stars; full review here). (This is the most satisfying conclusion to the Embers of War trilogy. This crackling good read combines grand space opera with the intimate tale of a found family who chooses to stand up for what's right and earns a second chance.)

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

Star Trek: Picard, CBS All Access. (We're now up to Episode 6, "The Impossible Box," which is the best episode so far. The slow build of the first four episodes, emphasizing the characters over the action, is now paying off in spades.)

Best Series

Embers of War, Gareth L. Powell. (See my review of Light of Impossible Stars above.)

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